General Information

Congress Venue

The ESAFORM 2022 Conference on Material Forming will take place in the Altice Forum Braga.

Inspired by the Roman heritage of the capital of Minho, Altice Forum Braga is a new center of the northern region and of the country, with a unique and excellent condition for holding congresses, shows, fairs and all kinds of events. A modern, interactive and environmentally sustainable forum, designed and made for people.

About Braga

Braga was founded by the Bracari Celts, known in Roman times as Bracara Augusta. It is located in the North of Portugal, in the Minho region, and has about 120.000 inhabitants. In terms of population, it is one of the youngest cities in Europe.

Braga is a vibrant city, full of culture and traditions, where the History and the Christian roots live side by side with technological industries and the academic world.

Bom Jesus do Monte was considered a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2019
Braga’s See (the 12th century cathedral, the first of Portugal)

Braga was the European Youth Capital in 2012. The city center is a vivid place, with a very rich architectural landscape and magnificent churches. Local commerce and bars also provide a very pleasant walk through the History of this bimillenary town, where some vestiges of the previous Roman civilization can still be observed under the floor of some places. During the 18th century, Braga also became the ex-libris of the Barroque style in Portugal. 

Braga is an attractive place for residents and visitors. Listed in 2016 as the number one city in Portugal with the best quality of life (the third in Europe), Braga has a creative energy that brings together all kinds of people, transcending age, class and lifestyle. In addition, it exists a variety of local dishes not to miss, particularly the salted cod-based recipe bacalhau à Braga, the traditional papas de sarrabulho and the typical frigideiras

In an article published in 2014, The Guardian made a beautiful itinerary that you can consult here.

You can also check out the Tourism

How to Get to Braga

Porto Airport
Porto airport is the closest international airport (about 50Kms away from Braga city center). It has connections to several European destinations and some of the main airline companies in Europe fly to Porto airport, which is the base for some low-costs like EasyJet and Ryanair.

This airport has modern infrastructure and, this year, it is in the 79th position of the Skytrax’s World’s Top 100 Airports.

Connection to Braga
From the Porto airport to Braga there is railway connection and a non-stop shuttle service (ticket can be bought online for 8€). The get bus takes only 40-45 minutes from the airport door to the bus central station in Braga.

Taxi costs around 60€ between the airport and the town, but it is still a good option, specially for a group of three or four people.

By train
Railway company CP - Comboios de Portugal

Alfa Pendular (Pendolino high speed tilting train), Intercity trains, Commuter trains of Porto

Train station address: Largo da Estação, 4700-223, Braga

GPS coordinates: 41.547321 | -8.434821

Urban Bus
Braga is served by a urban bus network, that connects several points of the city with the University of Minho. In the city centre, the main attractions are at walking distances and moving around in the town is quite easy.


Practical Information

Located in the North of Portugal and close to the Atlantic Ocean, Braga has a temperate oceanic climate. Autumns are characterized by mild temperatures. In any case, please check the weather before departure so you take appropriate clothing.

Information about Passport and Visa
Entry formalities in Portugal vary according to the country of origin. European Union (EU) citizens and the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as third-country nationals holding a residence permit of a Schengen State, do not need a Visa to enter Portugal. All non-EU citizens are asked to contact their local embassies for any specific requirements. All foreign citizens entering Portugal must have either a valid passport or a national valid ID card.

For passport and visa information you should check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website.

A list of countries that require a visa to Portugal is given at 

Please ensure you check the travel requirements to enter Portugal:

The Euro is the currency used in Portugal. ATM machines are plentiful in the center of Braga and you can also find some at the University of Minho campus.

The voltage in Portugal is 220V/50Hz and plugs used are type C and type F (2-pin). Most power sockets are designed for two pin round plugs. This is the type of plug used in many electrical travel products, including computers, smartphones, tablets or others. 


There is a vast choice of restaurants in Braga, some up-market and sophisticated and others simple and basic. Prices vary enormously.

Local Time
Mainland Portugal is 1 hour ahead of European Standard Time (C.E.T. + 1).

Medical Care
Clinics and hospitals provide 24 hrs emergency service.

The national emergency phone number is 112. Hotels have a doctor on call through the reception. Reciprocal E.C. cover is available at out-patient departments, otherwise private consultation fees are charged.

The Portuguese law, in accordance with Regulations in force in the majority of European Countries and the USA, does not allow smoking in any public transportation or in any closed public areas (some restaurants, bars and discotecs may have a designated smoking area).

TAX Free
Sales tax (VAT) is included in prices quoted. For non E.U. residents, tax free shopping schemes are available in many shops, which give substantial savings to visitors.


Emergency contacts 

General emergency number: 112
Health 24: 808 24 24 24
Police: +351 253 200 420
Fire Service: +351 253 278 488