The ESAFORM Benchmark grant

1 ESAFORM Benchmark grant corresponds to a budget of maximum 10 000€. This grant helps the coordinator of a benchmark related to material forming to face the benchmark organization costs.

An ESAFORM benchmark topic can be either experimental, or numerical. It can also cover both aspects in a single shot and in two successive years.

The coordinator of an ESAFORM Benchmark is an ESAFORM member who gathers a Benchmark committee with at least 2 other ESAFORM members (each one coming from a different country) to manage the benchmark. 

For participants, the ESAFORM benchmark result consists of 4 deliverables:

  1. A technical one (predicted or measured property, shape, …) to be sent to the coordinator before the conference.
  2. The active participation to ‘private’ sessions during the conference during which all the participants
    1. discuss and analyze the results
    2. define the common article content and the list of authors
    3. distribute the work for the article
  3. The participation to the benchmark public session summarizing the results.
  4. Interaction with the coordinator to help him/her with the open access common article in IJMF. All the Benchmark participant teams are coauthors (deadline of submission before the next ESAFORM conference).

For the participants, in addition to the gained knowledge, it is the IJMF publication that should be the motivation. Even if they are not yet Esaform members, Benchmark participants will become member as it is mandatory that at least one scientist of each team attends the conference to provide the deliverables.

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